Monday, April 12, 2010

Not at all what I intended

So even though I was planning on doing a Steel Panther write-up, today felt as though it were constantly in my way, so I'm going to switch gears for a second.

Today was one of those days that I really, really hate. I woke up tired, which happens to the best of us, but I was also a bit sick-feeling, which is never good. After trying, and failing, to wake up, I finally got myself going and started getting ready for work. As a precursor, it has been stated by my boss not once, but numerous times, that on Mondays it isn't necessary to show up at 7 a.m. anymore since our weekly manager meetings now fall in the middle of the day. That said, I still try to get to work somewhere around that 7 mark, if only not to lose out on any hours. Today, for instance, I managed to get to work at clock in at 7:18...not ludicrously late by any standard, but again, I was told it didn't matter.

So I walked in this morning, clocked in, and headed to the front of the store, where it looked like most of the managers were moving/prepping for a new fixture. Almost immediately, I was told that I had "missed" the meeting...the same meeting that we've had mid-day for the past couple of months. My store manager proceeds to playfully berate me, listing the litany of problems with my tardiness. I know it was slightly kidding, but it irked me nonetheless, but that was just the start of it.

Lately I've been keeping an eye on and maintaining the graphic novels at the store. I've used some unconventional sorting methods, but things have been looking great and staying that way. And sales are up, so that's always good. So coming in today, after being off all weekend, I noticed that not only was the section wrecked, but it also looked a lot more bare than when I left the store Friday night. Curious, I asked the other managers if anyone had maintained or returned anything from the section over the weekend (this would be odd considering it's usually too busy Saturday and Sunday and I had just pulled all the returns last week) and no one remembered anyone processing anything out. After finishing up the fixture moves, I decided to take a look around.

The hold shelves had nothing comics related, so I moved on to the return shelves. Same situation. I checked the return logs to see if anyone processed out any returns over the weekend. Nothing. Completely vexed, I decided to re-maintain the section and try to pinpoint what was M.I.A.

All sorted, I went through and wrote down everything I knew had been there on Friday. There were plenty of titles I remembered seeing, but didn't see now. Using that list, I cross-referenced with the computer system to see what had sold, and to my utter amazement NONE of the 65 titles had sold. Some showed one copy on hand, some showed multiple copies, but NONE of them were on the shelf. Conclusion: we got robbed blind, yo.

Considering this is kind of a big deal, I let my boss know and he kind of just shrugged it off. That would've been an odd reaction, but the fact that he then proceeded to tell me that there were more productive ways to spend my morning sent me from confused to just generally pissed off. For about two months, I've been the only one keeping up with that section (a notorious cluster-fuck if there ever was one), and all of that work has given me a sense of responsibility over it. So when it gets messed up, or depleted, due to some jackass five-finger-discount shopping, I'm naturally ticked off. Add to that the fact that none of my superiors or contemporaries seemed to give a shit, and I was pretty livid.

Already irritated, I proceeded to do what I had initially intended with my day, which was finish the audio move. This proved far more frustrating than I had hoped, due in large part to the company's bad habit of planning something without thinking about measurements or logistics.

Regardless of my irritation, I got it done, just in time for lunch. My wife had a job interview today, and she showed up just as I was heading outside. Apparently the interview went great, but unfortunately I took out some of my frustration on her. Truth be told, there were some things she should have asked in her interview (hours? benefits? requirements?) and didn't, which irritated me even more. But ultimately it wasn't worth fighting over, and I really wish I hadn't lashed out at her over something so trivial, but alas...that's how it goes some times.

After lunch, I was going to try and look at some camera footage to see if I could pinpoint the dickweed who had stolen all the comics, but instead, what did I do? I sat in a meeting. Yes, a manager meeting. The same manager meeting I was told I missed that morning. The same meeting I got grief over. Blah.

Clocked out at 3:30, went home and was still in a bad mood. Fought with wifey a bit more, brooded a bit, and shot some of those video reviews I had promised in the last post. Tried to upload them to Youtube, but got an error, and then found out Youtube was down for maintenance. Fan-fucking-tastic. Then I found out that a video converter I downloaded was a trojan, so I spent the better part of an hour scanning and getting rid of that shit.

Now I'm typing this, and I'm calmed down, but this was just one of those exceptionally shitty days that comes around every-so-often. Hopefully tomorrow won't suck quite as much, but I'm not holding my breath.

I've gotta finalize the taxes and try to re-upload those videos, so that's it for now.

Keep an eye out for the videos and updates to come. Maybe even a Steel Panther write-up sometime between now and infinity. Stay tuned!

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