Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I only signed up for this because I'm on a Google product kick

I hardly ever use my Livejournal anymore, but it has it's uses. Unfortunately, after seven or so years, it looks like I might be ditching it for the good old Blogger interface. The reasons are three fold: The Droid, iGoogle, and integration. Google has gotten so good at linking and syncing that it's almost impossible to find a better alternative to their web apps. The fact that, right now, I set up an iGoogle page with Facebook, Google Reader, Gmail, Youtube, Google Voice, Blogger, Google Maps, and a weather gadget within the span of five minutes, and it all WORKS is...astounding. What were links in my bookmarks bar yesterday are almost fully integrated into my start page today. Whereas I would visit a minimum of five webpages in my morning routine before, I just need to open my browser now.

What does this have to do with me creating a blogger account? Simple: I did it because I can, and because I know it will work and play nice with all my other Google crack apps that I covet so much now. I may never update it. I may update it all the time. Doesnt really matter either way. The fact that I can do this, and check all my other daily sites/emails with ONE login boggles my mind, in a good way. If I do update later, it will be in the same way and same fashion as my livejournal account. It is neither better nor worse. But it IS more integrated, and that makes me happy.

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