Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oscars, Lost, other shit

So...yeah. The Oscars kind of blew. Suprisingly, I agreed more with this years choices than any of the previous years, but the presentation was horrible. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were PAINFUL to watch. The five people presenting the five big nominees took way too much time and was pointless. That said, I'm incredibly happy that stupid Avatar barely won anything. And that Up got the awards it got. Hurt Locker really was one of the best of the films nominated, and I would have been happy if that, Up in the Air, or Inglorious Basterds had won it all. Though a little more loving for District 9 would have been nice.

Also, fuck Sandra Bullock.

As for Lost, I'm liking the season, but the fact that it's progressing really slow has me worried. When Battlestar ended, they did the same thing, then tried to cram way too much into the ending. I think Jacob and the Man in Black arent clear cut good or evil, and anyone that does at this point is naive. I mean, a guy in white is a good guy, and the guy in black is the bad guy? Way too easy. Though this was a show I hated for a really long time, so my fears of meandering and stupid plot points may rear their ugly heads again.

I bought FFXIII, and I have a Youtube video forthcoming with my impressions at four hours in. As a preview: its very dissapointing so far.

In other news...not a whole lot. I watched Hachi: a Dog's Tale, a direct to DVD movie starring Richard Gere and directed by the director of Chocolat. It was actually quite a good movie. Based roughly on the true story of Hachiko, the dog so loyal to his master that, after the master dies, he returns to the train station where they would meet everyday for the next 10 years waiting for him to return. A tear jerker, and I cried. Man-card revoked. I also went to Ellicot City for the first time in about five or six years, and it was fun, if not marred down by my wife looking in EVERY antique store (of which there are many).

Coming up, I'm looking forward to God of War III, and this weekend is filled with birthday shennanigans for 20 somethings that should prove interesting to say the least. St Patty's day is fast approaching, which means booze. And...that's about it.

Fuck it, this was a lazy post anyways.

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