Saturday, September 4, 2010

Been a while!

Yes, yes it has been a while.

In an effort to get my life back into some semblance of an order, I decided to set some goals for myself. And me being me, I decided to do this using that cool little Epic Win app to track it. It's completely pointless, I know. I also know I can cheat at it. But I think that if I cheat, I'd only really be cheating myself, and that isn't really the point, is it?

So far some of the goals I set are to ride my bike for a certain amount of miles every day, make a new Youtube video and upload that daily, write in my journal daily (the blog counts too, but I'm going to try and alternate, so there isn't going to be a concrete written/typed schedule), take five solid pictures and upload them every day, read for at least a half hour each day, set aside at least an hour for family related activities daily, and complete everything at work each day. Those are the dailies. I have long term goals such as get promoted, lose 30 pounds, wipe out my credit card debt, get to a point where I can not worry about money and buy one "me" thing every month, quit smoking, and...well...maintain these lifestyles. There's also the random stuff that pops up every once in a while, like organizing the harddrive, cleaning the house, etc.

I think this might work. For one, it's kind of in the format of a game. Secondly, it has that tech skew for me, so I can buy into it further. I'm using Runstar to track my riding, Epic Win to track my status', and I'm building up my Picasa, Youtube, and Blogger portfolios. Who knows, this might be the start of something worthwhile for a change. If I drop it, it's just another setback in a long, long series of my procrastination and laziness getting the better of me. I'm tired of being lethargic and disillusioned with where I am. Hopefully this will get and keep me on track.

That's really it for now. If you don't hear from be in a month...well...then I gave up. And that sucks.

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