Monday, September 6, 2010

Hopping back in

As many of you know, I've tried, and failed, and tried again (and failed again) to get myself motivated and start making short films/gag reels/etc. I've dumped a lot of money into it already, and so far it's been a wash considering I haven't actually DONE anything with the camera yet.

Yesterday, I shot some videos, one for Youtube, and one for shits and giggles. The thing that struck me is that the video quality is more than what I need, but the sound isn't quite there. Now, Canon makes a proprietary top-mounted mic, the DM-100, that fits their advanced accessory shoe and draws power from the camera. The other alternative is a Rode Videomic, which uses a standard shoe (requiring me to buy an adapter for my current camera) and runs on standard 9-volt batteries. The advantage of the Rode, however, is that if I ever do get another camera, it would still work. The Canon is a one-off Vixia purchase. They're the same base price, but if you throw in the adapter needed for the Rode, it's about $50 more.

So, I'm throwing it out there: which one should I get? Now I won't be choosing or buying soon or anything, but I would like to make a decision in the not to distant future. Anyone have one? Other suggestions? Comments? Concerns? Anything?

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